• Replacement Tablet Battery for Amazon 58-000043

    We only sell high quality Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7inch S12-T1-S battery packs products, each 58-000043 tablet batteries is brand new,All our Amazon 58-000043 tablet batteries are New & 1 year warranty. We carry a full range of tablet batteries. You can contact us to order by Email.

    Amazon 58-000043 battery

    New Amazon 58-000043 tablet battery High Quality Battery 4550MAH/17.3Wh, 3.8V

    Replacement Battery>> Amazon 58-000043 4550MAH/17.3Wh 3.8V

    Replace the following part numbers:

    Amazon 58-000043
    Amazon S12-T1-S
    Amazon S12-T1
    Amazon DR-A018

    Fits the Following Models: 

    Applicable Model : Replace for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7鈥?br> PART NUMBER: S12-T1
    SWD P/N :S12-T1-S
    Type P/N:58-000043(1ICP4/69/124)
    Kindle Fire HDX C9R6QM 7鈥?Tablet.


    Package include:
    1 X battery

    RU: Замените аккумулятор Amazon 58-000043

    JP: Amazon 58-000043 バッテリー

    DE: AKKU Für Amazon 58-000043, Ersatz für Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7inch S12-T1-S.

    100% safe and cheap 58-000043 S12-T1-S S12-T1 tablet battery deals. Amazon 58-000043 Battery Power your system. It is the best choose to get standby Amazon 58-000043 battery for your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7inch S12-T1-S here,high quality li-ion cells, longer battery life, competitive price, 1 year warranty, 30 days money back and high quality of service.

    www.uk-online.co.uk is your one-stop shop for batteries /Adapters.

    Good Tips For Getting Maximum Shelf Life For Your Amazon 58-000043 Battery:

    1.Please discharge the battery to 2% then fully charge at the first time.

    2.The Amazon 58-000043 tablet battery is forbidden to discharge to 0% (the battery will be easily damaged and shorten the usage life) on nomal workings ; the battery must be turned off or recharged (1-2days) if as low as 2%.

    3.The Amazon 58-000043 battery must be charged above 70% before long time storage (more than three months).

    4.The Amazon 58-000043 battery needs recycling frequently . The battery is recomme nded to discharge and charge it once per two months at least . the battery will achieve best performance . Please discharging the battery to 2% , and then charging the battery full.

    5.When the The Amazon 58-000043 battery can not charge or charge less power , maybe the Amazon adapter is mismatch or output power is lower . Please immediately replace the match and the function normal adapter to confirm is caused by the adapter . whether the problem.

    6.Never take out the Amazon battery from the Amazon 58-000043 when charging or discharging.

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